Our Philosophy: Swimming is one of life’s necessary skills and America’s Best Kids Swim School offers the best quality swim instruction for all children. With our state of the art swimming pool, warm 90-degree water and saline filtration, your child will have the perfect learning environment. Your child will learn at a faster rate and gain the necessary skills to be comfortable and safer around the water. Our program is based on safety and positive learning environment for your child. We take the role we play in your child’s life very seriously. Not only do we want your child to gain the love of the water, but also teach them the skills that boost their self-esteem and general athleticism outside of the pool. We have a 4 to 1 ratio for the lower level classes and a 5 to 1 ratio for the higher levels swimmers. Minnow & Me classes have a ratio of 8 to 1 due to the assistance of parent participation.

Our Curriculum: Our curriculum has been adapted from years of teaching experience from our staff and from other independent swim schools nationwide. We combine up-to-date instruction style and techniques using the latest swim aids on the market to assist your child in learning at a faster pace.



$48per mo
$48per mo
  • 1st Class Cost $48/mo (1x/week)
  • 2nd Class Cost $91/mo (2x/week) Free Open Swims
  • 3rd Class Cost $134/mo (3x/week) Free Open Swims

Advanced Aquatics

$58per mo
$58per mo
  • 1st Class Cost $58/mo (1x/week)
  • 2nd Class Cost $111/mo (2x/week) Free Open Swims
Prime Time Pool Private Lessons


Preschool Age

School Age

Skills and Objectives & Safety Goals

Minnow and Me

Ages 3 months – 3 years

View our schedule to set up a free trial Minnow and Me class. Parent participation, trust, comfort and submersion through songs and group activities. Entries, gliding, rolling over, floating assisted and unassisted. Water safety knowledge for parents. Safety skill recoveries.
Dolphin 1: Ages 3-5 Shark 1: Ages 5 & up Trust, Comfort & submersion. Gliding, rolling over, assisted and unassisted floating, asking permission before entering pool, familiarity with a lifejacket/PFD (personal flotation device).
Dolphin 2: Ages 3-5 Shark 2: Ages 5 & up Beginner freestyle with bi-lateral breathing, backstroke, & intro to all strokes. Putting on a lifejacket in water, treading water, diving. Intermediate water safety skills.
  Shark 3/4: Ages 5 & up Proper form in all strokes, flip turns, intermediate dives, building endurance & advanced water safety skills.
  Advanced Aquatics:  Ages 5 & up Swim team preparation, proper form, advanced treading and diving, endurance and strength training. Jr. Lifeguard training, advanced water safety skills.

Dryland Swim Training – Fall Session

Dryland Swim Training
Sign up today for Dryland Swim Training with Coach Liz Amuchastegui, PT, DPT at the Court House in Medford, starting September 2018!
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8 week session

September 11 – November 1st, 2018
6:30 am – 7:15 am

  • There is a $10 scholarship for team members from either the Superior Athletic Club Stingrays Swim Team, or the Rogue Sharks Swim Team ($130 per athlete)
  • There are two sessions per week, Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning from 6:30 – 7:15 AMand sessions will be held at the Courthouse in Medford
  • There is a minimum of 15 athletes required for the class, maximum of 30. 

The Court House

709 N Phoenix Road   Medford, OR 97504

What will the session include?

Sign up today for strength and conditioning “dryland” sessions for swimmers run by Physical Therapist, USA Swimming Coach, and former Stanford swimmer, national team member and international competitor Liz Amuchastegui.

Sessions will emphasize postural strength, core stability, and flexibility, as well as injury prevention at the shoulder, knee and lower back, with progressions into individualized age-appropriate  and sport-specific strengthening and weight training.

Check out Liz’s full profile at:  www.jc-pt.com