Throughout the year ABK offers certification courses in CPR, First Aid, AED, Babysitting and LifeguardInterested in one of our certification classes? Check back for our next session!

Experiential approach to learning: Competency is developed through a holistic learning experience in which practical skills are integrated throughout the program. For example, CPR/AED and first aid certifications are integrated into the course.

Focus on professionalism and accountability: The StarGuard program teaches behaviors and skills to help lifeguards reduce risk and be at their best and ready to take action in the event of an emergency. Infrequent responders must be properly prepared to respond—emotionally and technically.

Blended training and convenience: The online course covers all the key points of essential knowledge; when paired with a scenario-based, hands-on training session, it creates a competent and confident lifeguard. Since the online portion of the course can be taken at home or while away at school. No longer does everyone have to be in the same place at the same time to receive a consistent level of effective instruction.

Why Choose The StarGuard Lifeguard Certification Program?
  • SAI is one of five, nationally-recognized, certification agencies, which include SAI, the American Red Cross, E & A, NASCO and the YMCA.
  • A StarGuard certification is the equivalent of a lifeguard certification from each of these agencies.
  • SAI is recognized in every jurisdiction

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