School- Age Swim

ABK Swim curriculum has been adapted from years of staff teaching experience and from other independent swim schools nationwide. Combining up-to-date instruction style and techniques and using the latest swim aids on the market assists your child in learning at a faster pace.

New swimmers ages 5 years and older will start by enrolling in a Shark 1 class. If your child has swim lesson experience, please review the skill levels closely and enroll them in the appropriate class. If the instructor feels a child has been enrolled in a class not appropriate for their swimming level, they will let the parent know which class type in which to transfer their child, provided there is space available. If there is not, the child can be placed on the waiting list. Parents are able to complete enrollments, transfers or waiting list additions online through the parent portal.

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Trust, Comfort & submersion. Gliding, rolling over, assisted and unassisted floating, asking permission before entering pool, familiarity with a lifejacket/PFD (personal flotation device).

Beginner freestyle with bi-lateral breathing, backstroke, & intro to all strokes. Putting on a lifejacket in water, treading water, diving. Intermediate water safety skills.

Proper form in all strokes, flip turns, intermediate dives, building endurance & advanced water safety skills.

Swim team preparation, proper form, advanced treading and diving, endurance and strength training. Junior Lifeguard training, advanced water safety skills.

Feeling apprehensive about joining a group class?

Aren’t sure how your child will do in the water without you, or maybe you simply want your child’s first lesson to be one-on-one with an instructor? Private lessons are available! A private lesson is a great option for swimmers with little to no experience who are unsure about joining a group class. CLICK OR HOVER TO SEE MORE!

Prime Time Pool Privates

Our swim staff will review rules, safety, expectations, and helpful tips for both parents and students, and give an overview of our program, explain progressions, and perform a quick skill assessment. Also offered are ongoing private lessons, as space permits. Click below to view the Prime Time Pool Private schedule or call 541.245.0432 ext 1 for more info!


$55per mo
$55per mo
  • 1st Class Cost $55/mo (1x/week)
  • 2nd Class Cost $105/mo (2x/week) Free Open Swims
  • 3rd Class Cost $155/mo (3x/week) Free Open Swims
  • *Annual Registration Fee Required: $30/Child or $60/Family

Advanced Aquatics

$75per mo
$75per mo
  • 1st Class Cost $75/mo (1x/week)
  • 2nd Class Cost $145/mo (2x/week) Free Open Swims
  • 3rd Class Cost $215/mo (3x/week) Free Open Swims
  • *Annual Registration Fee Required: $30/Child or $60/Family