ABK Gymnastics

Gymnastics is the foundation for all sports and fitness. ABK offers the best quality gymnastics training for all children- preschoolers, beginners and advanced! Our educated and energetic staff combined with the latest training equipment make ABK the ultimate gymnastics training center.

Tumble Weeds (Walking-3 years)

Parent Participation, 45 minute class

Instructors guide parents, who in turn guide their children through various loco motor development activities. Children will gain vocabulary skills, space definitions, and an introduction to gym equipment.

Tumble Tots (3-4½ years)

45 minute class

Children experiment in obstacle courses, beams, cards, tunnels, trampoline rebound surfaces, tumbling, musical activities, and other fun-inspiring stations.

Gym Kids (4½-6 years)

45 minute class

Students will work on more advanced and equipment-specific skills, spending more time on balance beams, parallel bars, rings, vault, trampolines, etc.

Boys Gym Kids (4½- 7 years)

Beginner Level 45 minute class

This boys class bridges the gap from our co-ed preschool age and the boys recreational school age classes. It’s the best of both worlds – providing a high energy, fast paced, fun class that covers the core fundamentals of boys gymnastics with an added introduction into boys acro and freestyle training.

Girls Recreational Gymnastics (6 years+)

Beginner & Intermediate Levels 1 Hour class

Advanced Level 1 1/2 Hour Class

Our girl’s gymnastics classes offer skill progressions on tumbling, trampoline, balance beam, uneven bars, and vaulting. Self-discipline, raised self-esteem, focus, and organization are great side benefits of the concentration required to successfully perform the skills.

Boys Gymnastics and Freestyle Acro (7 years+)

Beginner & Intermediate Levels 1 Hour class

We have found that the majority of boys are not looking for another competitive sport, but rather a fun way to cross-train and stay fit. They’re looking for a place to learn basic acro training for snowboarding, skateboarding, wake boarding, free running, martial arts, and other sports.

Tumbling (10 years+)

All Levels 1 Hour class

Power Tumbling is an exciting class designed to focus on developing tumbling skills for boys and girls. Through the use of trampolines, spring floors, and other equipment all levels of tumblers will have fun and reach their goals.

Homeschool Fitness (6-12 years)

Co-Ed Beginner Level 1 hour class

In Homeschool Fitness instructors will be emphasizing the five zones of fitness: cardio, strength, flexibility, balance, and nutrition. Students will receive weekly handouts and fitness logs to keep track of additional physical fitness activities they do throughout the week.