preschool-boyAmerica’s Best Preschool and Junior Kindergarten include: Zoo Phonics, intro to Spanish, beginning Sign Language, outdoor play, dramatic play, arts and crafts, construction, hands-on math and science, language arts, music, puzzles, board games, puppets, educational computer software, story time and much more. A monthly schedule will be posted in the classroom as well as a listing of upcoming activities and monthly themes. ABK’s Preschool and Junior Kindergarten programs work cohesively to fit each students needs based on their development. Outlined below are the key areas of development.

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reading-preschoolPersonal, Social and Emotional Development:  This area is all about developing a positive sense of self and respect for others, social skills, personal care, hand washing, independent dressing and undressing, as well as having an enthusiasm for learning.

Communication, Language and Literacy:  Children develop confidence and competence in communicating, speaking and listening, story comprehension and early reading and writing skills.

Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy:  Developing a growing understanding of problem solving and numbers through stories, songs, games and play. Children should become    comfortable with numbers and comparative   language such as “larger than” or “smaller than”.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World:  Learning to make sense of the world, finding out about the natural environment and exploring while using tools and different materials to build things.

Physical Development:  Children will develop skills of coordination, control, manipulation and movement to understand the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Creative Development:  Developing imagination and creativity in art, music, movement, dance, imaginative and dramatic role-play.


Daily Schedule

45 Minutes       Recess/Gross Motor Activity
15 Minutes       Transition to Learning Time
30 Minutes       Learning Time (Curriculum)
15 Minutes       Table Time: Fine Motor Activity
30 Minutes       Clean up/wash hands/snack
30 Minutes       Centers
15 Minutes       Story Time and Goodbyes

Spaces are limited!

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