1904 Skypark Drive Medford, Oregon 97504




Athletic Edge is a unique and affordable fitness facility in southern Oregon. With 24 hour access and indoor turf availability, AE has a distinct sport performance feel! Whether you are discovering fitness, maintaining a healthy lifestyle or training for your favorite sport or event, Athletic Edge offers the perfect atmosphere to help you reach your personal goals! 



At Athletic Edge our dedication to the fitness and well-being of Southern Oregon drives us to bring you affordable 24-hour access in a creative fitness environment.    You are unique. Your gym should be, too. Facility is open 24 hours to members. One-time $10 access fob purchase. One full calendar month notice in writing to cancel. 


$20per month
$20per month


$40per month
$40per month


$60per month
$60per month

Membership Definitions:

Individual: One (1) person

Couple: married, domestic partners, parent/child (children must be under 21)

Family: Up to 4 family members, does not include grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc. (children must be under 21). Family members must live at the same address, with the exception of college students. The fifth and sixth family members (and so on) are billed at an additional $10 monthly each.

Minor Members at Athletic Edge:

Minors are eligible for membership at Athletic Edge at the age of 10 years

– Must be with a parent member through the age of 13 years 
– Members ages 14-17 can be in the facility without a parent, but may not be in the facility between the hours of midnight and 4 am without a parent.
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