Baseball Clinics:  (ages 6-8 )  (ages 9-12 )  (ages 13 & older)


Court House baseball & softball hitting lessons are designed for players of all levels with a key focus on the Fundamentals. Your child will gain a new mentality by focusing on the strong foundations of the sport we all know and love. breakdown; rhythm, timing, footwork, stance, load, swing and balance. You can choose your individual days to focus on either, Hitting, Pitching/Throwing and Fielding/Catching.



Coaches will be encouraging this approach by having a relaxed stance and slowing down the speed of their load. Some of the best MLB hitters are successful because they’re focused on a smooth load and balanced swing however, they do not have the fastest bat speed. (Buster Posey, Adrian Gonzalez, Matt Carpenter).



We will cover proper warm-up for injury prevention, throwing form and technique, resistance training, and arm care/recovery. With an emphasis on maintaining consistent performance through growth spurts and development as well as improving advanced coordination. Our goal is to teach a throwing motion that feels natural and is both sustainable and efficient. Pitching set position & windup may be included during these sessions.



Catching and fielding sessions will be adapted to the player’s skill level and experience. We will cover basic catching, infield technique or advanced catcher position practice.

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Soccer Camps (ages 6-12)

ABK Soccer Camps at the Court House are designed by an instructor licensed by the U.S. Soccer Federation to provide maximum touches on the ball to increase skill in ball handling and control. Camp skills include feints, tricks, attacking, defending, goalkeeping, passing and receiving.  Each camp day players participate in skill activities, games, and scrimmages as well as soccer specific athletic fitness activities all while having fun! Campers will need shin guards and long socks (no cleats, please).


Football Camps (ages 8-12)

Football is a sport that requires technique, athleticism, skill, and passion.   Football Camp at the Court House will provide students, both boys and girls, an atmosphere that is fun, safe and exciting so they have the opportunity to improve their skills, including passing, catching, blocking, and tackling using an agile bag (no cleats please). This 3 day camp will be taught by 2 former SOU football players.


Off Season Athlete Development Class (ages 10-18)

Teaching and training proper speed and power development. Improve balance, footwork and performance in your sport. This class will be split into two parts: Drills to work on speed, agility, and quickness, as well as  Exercises: to increase strength and power through weightlifting. Strength training is a key component to helping prevent injury while playing sports. This course consists of 19 classes for only $150!

*Please Note – pro rate discount available to students enrolling later than first session

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Basketball Camps (ages 6-12)

Basketball Camps are built for basketball players, boys and girls ages 6-12, and focuses on the basic fundamentals of the game, including footwork, dribbling, passing, shooting, defense, and rebounding all while having tons of fun!


Volleyball Clinic: (Ages 12 and Older)

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