Tumble Weeds

Instructors guide parents, who in turn guide their children through various loco motor development activities. Children will gain vocabulary skills, space definitions, and an introduction to gym equipment. Must be at least 10 months old and able to walk.

Tumble Tots

Preschoolers learn skills through obstacle courses. Students are introduced to beams, tunnels, vault, trampolines, tumbling, bars, musical activities, and other fun-inspiring gymnastics stations.


Gym Kids

Students will work on more advanced gymnastics techniques and equipment-specific skills, spending more time on balance beams, bars, rings, vault, and trampolines.


Boys Gym Kids

This boys class bridges the gap from our co-ed preschool age and the boys recreational school age classes. It’s the best of both worlds – providing a high energy, fast paced, fun class that covers the core fundamentals of boys gymnastics with an added introduction into boys acro and freestyle training.