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Southern Oregon's Premier Sports, Fitness and Enrichment Campuses Gymnastics * Karate * Aquatics * Dance * After School Care * Preschool * Camps * Events VIEW DETAILS 24 Hours. 365 Days. All day. Every day.
Starting at $20 per month.
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Our Services

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After School Care

Preschool & JR Kinder

Birthday Parties

Camps & Events

Court House Kids


Upcoming Events


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Court House Sports Cafe and Pub Now Open!

Stop by for food and drinks! Open during staffed hours. Closes each day one hour before facility closing.

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ABK Dance presents… THE GRINCH!

Join us Sat. Dec 7th @ 6 pm (doors open at 5:30) at North Medford High School. Tickets available at ABK: $12 adults, $10 kids and seniors. Videos $25. Cash required if purchased at the show.

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ABK Fun offer Free Pass on every service!

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