How do I start?

Competitive Dance Team is a small group and has limited space. For those interested, team tryouts occur 1-2 times per year. At the completion of tryouts teams are chosen and results are posted at the dance studio and emailed to participating dancers.


2021/22 Season – ABK Competitive Dance Team 

For the upcoming 2021/22 competition season we will be adjusting fee structure and time commitment for our ABK Dance Team. The competition season will run from August through July, with your “Team Contract” (previously known as the Unlimited Dance Contract) running the same time frame.


Monthly Class Fee Contract: September 2021 through July 2022

Cost: $175/mo (includes a minimum of 2 team classes and a ballet class).

*This pricing does not include your Dance Competition fees (Assessments), travel, or Private Lesson Fees. The recreational classes will be included in our Winter & Spring Productions as well, if you choose to perform in the shows there may be other costume requirements as well. 


Required Team Classes:

  • 2 Team Time Slots (TBA depending on placement) 
  • 1 Ballet Class (Pre-Ballet, Ballet 1, or Ballet 2 depending on age and skill level)

Optional Team Add Ons at NO additional cost: 

  • 1 Additional “Rec” Dance class (These classes MAY incur additional costume fees per session depending on the class costume requirement)


Other Competition Fees (not included in the $175 monthly)

  • Required Competition “Assessment Fees”(monthly payments running from September 2021 through April 2022): Amount TBA and dependent on participation in groups/solos/duets 
  • 30 minute Private Lesson(s): $50/mo for Bi-Weekly, $100/mo for Weekly
  • Costumes & Uniform: $45 for Team Class Attire, $75 per Group Costume, & $75 per each additional solo/duet costume (Link for Team Jacket will be sent out via email once set-up)


HOW TO ENROLL (Upon Approval to Join): 

Click the link and follow the written instructions below

Customer Login

  • Once logged in Click “Classes and Events” in the top menu
  • Click “Find Events”
  • Scroll down to August 31st and click the event titled “Dance Team Agreement”
  • Click “Add to Cart,” fill out the following page accordingly, then click “Add” near the top of the screen
    • Select Student(s)
    • Program Start Date = Sept 1, 2021
    • Total # of Payments = 11
    • Total Program Price: $1925
    • Monthly Payment Amount = $175
  • Make sure to fully “check out” your cart to complete the process

Junior Elite Dance Team

Ages 8-12 years old

Elite Dance Team

Ages 12-17 years old

ABK Elite Dance Team

$175per mo
$175per mo
  • 5 years and older
  • Required Team Classes: 2 Team Classes, 1 Required Ballet Class
  • Optional Team Add Ons (No additional cost): 1 Rec Dance Class of Your Choice
  • Other Competition Fees (apart from the monthly class cost): Assessment Fees, Private Lessons, Costume Fees