A.C.E. 2020/2021

In-Person Assistance for Online Learners at America’s Best Kids or Court House Family Fitness

Academic Care and Enrichment for students in Kindergarten through 8th Grade who are already enrolled in any online curriculum. 

The A.C.E. program is far more than just child care- it’s a safe social, and learning environment.  Available to students in Kindergarten through 8th Grade, A.C.E. is designed to ensure your child gets the academic help needed to complete their school’s curriculum.  **As an Emergency Child Care Facility, we would most likely be able to continue normal or slightly altered operations even in the event of state-mandated business closures. As with all things 2020, operations are subject to change**

Enroll Mon-Fri in one or more sessions!

  • AM Session: 8:30- 11:30 am
  • PM Session: 11:45- 2:45 pm
  • Optional After School Care: 3:00- 6:00 pm

All the details!

  • Children will work individually, but with assistance from our staff, on their online curriculum
  • Safe social distancing in conrolled cohorts (or ‘pods‘) of no more than 10 students per 1 staff member
  • Parent provides laptop, headphones, snacks and access to the child’s existing curriculum
  • Parent communicates child’s daily or weekly academic focus needs using the Brightwheel app
  • Indoor or outdoor recess provided daily
  • 110,000+ square feet of space to inspire physical, emotional, and intellectual stimulation
  • in-person assistance works in conjunction with your child’s 2020-2021 school curriculum
  • closely mimics the traditional classroom

Tuition: Tuition is based on 10 payments from September to June. Prorated tuition is charged for mid-year starts.

**15% sibling discount, applied only to the sibling (2nd child, 3rd child, etc)**

5 days Per Week, Monthly Cost:

Mon- Fri AM: $360.00

Mon-Fri PM: $360.00

Mon-Fri After School Care: $360.00


Technology and Curriculum: Laptop, headphones and curriculum provided by the student/family.

Cancellation: You may cancel or downgrade (less days) your enrollment with a one calendar month notice, if downgrade is an option.

Calendar:  A.C.E. calendar will be posted soon.

Non-refundable Deposit:  $50 per student

Snacks: Snacks provided by parents. Half hour available for lunch for those signed up for both the AM and PM Learning Pods. Parent supplies lunch.

Registration Fees: Individual Membership $30.00/year, Family Membership $60.00/year. Registration fee valid for all programs. Member discounts apply on Special Events, Parent’s Night Out, Camps, and Open Gym/Swim.


For those families already in our billing system, here are instructions to follow to enroll via the ABK Parent Portal:

1. Log into your Customer Account by clicking here: ABK Customer Login

2. Click the “Find Classes” button

3. Scroll down and the very first 10 selections on the list are the ACE and ASC options.

4. Please read the selections carefully and enroll in classes as needed.

**New families, please click REGISTER on an A.C.E. session option below first!*