Our Philosophy: Swimming is one of life’s necessary skills and America’s Best Kids Swim School offers the best quality swim instruction for all children. With our state of the art swimming pool, warm 90-degree water and saline filtration, your child will have the perfect learning environment. Your child will learn at a faster rate and gain the necessary skills to be comfortable and safer around the water. Our program is based on safety and positive learning environment for your child. We take the role we play in your child’s life very seriously. Not only do we want your child to gain the love of the water, but also teach them the skills that boost their self-esteem and general athleticism outside of the pool. We have a 4 to 1 ratio for the lower level classes and a 5 to 1 ratio for the higher levels swimmers. Minnow & Me classes have a ratio of 10 to 1 due to the assistance of parent participation.

Our Curriculum: Our curriculum has been adapted from years of teaching experience from our staff and from other independent swim schools nationwide. We combine up-to-date instruction style and techniques using the latest swim aids on the market to assist your child in learning at a faster pace.



$45per mo
$45per mo
  • 1st Class Cost $45/mo (1x/week)
  • 2nd Class Cost $85/mo (2x/week) Free Open Swims
  • 3rd Class Cost $125/mo (3x/week) Free Open Swims

Adv. Aquatics & Team Prep

$69per mo
$69per mo
  • 1st Class Cost $69/mo (1x/week)
  • 2nd Class Cost $115/mo (2x/week) Free Open Swims
  • 3rd Class Cost $161/mo (3x/week) Free Open Swims
Infant & Preschool Swim

How Do I Start? 

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School Age Swim

How Do I Start?

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Open Swim / Private Lesson

Preschool Age

School Age

Skills Objectives

Safety Goals

Minnow and Me 1:
Ages 3-18 months

Water Submersion
Comfort in Water

Water Safety for Parents
Intro to Infant/Child CPR Knowledge

Minnow and Me 2:
18 months-3 years

Swimming Readiness
Enter/Exiting the Pool
Participant Socialization

Water Safety for Parents
Infant/Child CPR Knowledge

Dolphin 1: Ages 3-5

Shark 1: Ages 5 & up

Turning over
Assisted and Unassisted Floating

Asking Permission Before Entering Pool
Putting on a Life Jacket

Dolphin 2: Ages 3-5

Shark 2: Ages 5 & up

Big Arm Strokes (Freestyle)
Beginning Backstroke
Intro to Side Breathing

Putting on a Life Jacket in the Water
Rollover Breathing/Survival Floating

Dolphin 3/4: Ages 3-5

Shark 3/4: Ages 5 & up

Side Breathing
Proper Freestyle and Backstroke Techniques
Intro to Breaststroke and Butterfly

Treading water
Building Endurance
Learn about Emergency Action Plans (EAP)