Gymnastics, Dance, Soccer & Karate Camps

$140per week
$140per week
  • Members $140/week
  • Non-Members $160/week
  • Multi-Camp Discount A student registered for more than 2 camps receives $10 off the 3rd or more camps!

Aquatics 4X2 Camps

$89per session (2 weeks)
$89per session (2 weeks)
  • Members $89/session
  • Non-Members $99/session
  • Multi-Camp Discount A student registered for more than 2 camps receives $10 off the 3rd or more camps!

ABK Gymnastics Camps (ages 6-12)

ABK Gymnastics Camps are packed full of fitness, acrobatics and proper gymnastics techniques. The sport of Gymnastics provides superior fundamental preparation for both boys and girls that often translates to successful experiences in future sports and athletics. In Girls Camp we will learn balance, strength, flexibility and progressions in each of the 4 women’s Olympic events. The Boys Camp is designed to increase functional strength, flexibility, balance, acrobatics, elements of parkour, fitness and overall strength & fun! Students will be placed in groups according to age, gender and ability. 

ABK Karate Camps (ages 6-12)

ABK Karate Camps are designed for both the current martial arts student and the aspiring Black Belt. For three hours each day we are training technique and curriculum with the ability to use all the awesome equipment in the gym! Some camp activities include board breaking, weapons, sparring, “ninja warrior” style obstacle courses and games! One karate camp also will give you 12-15 karate class credits that can go toward your next belt testing.

ABK Soccer Camps (ages 6-12)

ABK Soccer Camps are designed by an instructor licensed by the U.S. Soccer Federation to provide maximum touches on the ball to increase skill in ball handling and control. Camp skills include feints, tricks, attacking, defending, goalkeeping, passing and receiving.  Each camp day players participate in skill activities, games, and scrimmages as well as soccer specific athletic fitness activities all while having fun! Campers will need shin guards and long socks (no cleats, please).

ABK Dance Camps (ages 6-12)

ABK Dance Camps are great for both the new and experienced dancer. In all of our fun camps students will learn rhythm and a dance routine. At the end of each camp students will have a performance for their parents! Come learn rhythm and beat in our Hip Hop Camp while having fun and learning new tricks. Join us for our upbeat Jazz Camp where students learn a fusion old and new art music with improvisation and fun costumes!

ABK Aquatics 4X2 Camps (ages 3-12)

ABK Aquatics 4X2 Camp is a great way to kick start your child in swimming this summer. We are offering 4X2 swim lessons, where your child will come to swim class for 4 days a week (Mon-Thurs) for 2 weeks. Beginner Dolphins are children ages 3-5 who have no swim experience. Advanced Dolphins are children ages 3-5 who have had swim experience and are comfortable in the water. Beginner Sharks are children ages 5-12 who have no swim experience. Advanced Sharks are children ages 5-12 who have had swim experience  and are comfortable in the water.