Learn basic stunts, cheers, chants, dance, jumps, and tumbling. Perform at a few halftime shows and be apart of ABK’s Spring, Winter, and Summer Dance Recitals. Check out our upcoming cheer workshops by selecting our calendar.

*Required attire: White cheer shoes, athletic clothing, and hair pulled back.

Creative Movement

This class is a fun filled introduction in the world of dance. Children discover dance by moving through space with music, imagination, rhythmic ribbons, scarves, bean bags, hula hoops, dress up clothes and more!

*Required attire: leotard of choice, ballet and tap shoes


Considered by most to be the ABC’s of dance, ballet is a combination of strength, flexibility, grace, and technique that sets a foundation for a solid dancer. Focusing on muscle and core strength and balance, this style also teaches the basic vocabulary necessary to ANY kind of dancer. Wonderful for lengthening and sculpting muscles as well as improving posture.

*Required attire for Ballet classes: Leotards, tights, and ballet shoes (tight shorts or ballet skirts are o.k.)


Our jazz class enables a dancer’s individual style and originality to come out. We offer a fun, energetic class with unique moves.

*Required attire: Tights and leotards or jazz pants and t-shirts! (Jazz or ballet shoes optional)


Hip Hop

Hip Hop classes incorporate the latest street style dance forms. This is a high energy upbeat style of dance as is seen in many music videos.

*Required attire: Active wear, tennis shoes.