Party / Up to 12 Guests

  • Member Pricing $129
  • * Non-Member Price $149

Party / Up to 20 Guests

  • Member Price $199
  • * Non-Member Price $219

Party / 21+ Guests

  • Member Price $299
  • * Non-Member Price $319

All Swim Parties / Up to 20 Guests

  • Member Price $199
  • * Non-Member Price $219

Mega Party / Up to 30 Guests

  • Member Price $498
  • * Non-Member Price $538

Gymnastics Party

Kids love to have fun and flip! With our Gymnastics party your child and their friends will experience the thrill of acrobatics in a fully equipped gymnastics facility! From swinging on the bars to flipping into our foam pits the birthday child and their friends will have an incredible time. Challenging obstacle courses, gymnastics based games, and bouncy trampolines add to the fun in Oregon’s #1 Sports center for kids.

Gymnastics Party

Karate Party 2

Karate Party

This party is so much fun…you will be kicking, flying, punching, running, and racing. But first, your instructor will begin a brief lesson on respect, honor and proper etiquette while inside a Martial Arts studio. Of course you will need a quick lesson on the basic kicks, punches and stance before attempting the Ninja Obstacle course!!! *All participants must be 5 years of age or older.

Preschool Bounce & Play

Looking for that party designed just for your 3-5 year old? Look no further, we have the perfect party for you. Come in and have them play in our mini bounce house, jump on our trampolines, twirl on our bars and leap into the big blue foam pits. Parents get to help out on the gym floor with this party and watch their preschoolers twirl and bounce the day away.

Child on inflatable bouncy castle

Dance fitness

Dance Party

Come enjoy the magical world of dance in your own private dance studio. Whether your child wishes to be a ballerina for the day or learn a new hip-hop dance with a group of their friends, we have a dance party for everyone. From the whimsical pirouette of ballet to the high energy of hip-hop, the variety of our dance party formats will stir their interests and provide lots of fun!


Does your special birthday child want a themed party including their favorite sport? In our Athletic Edge building, we can help make it happen. Our Soccer Parties are specialized just the way you want it. Mini games and so much more!

Soccer Party


Swim Party

Pack your swimsuits and towels and leave your sunscreen at home! Plan your next birthday party in our exciting indoor swimming pool where kids will enjoy the 90 degree pool water. The swimming parties are set up with many fun games and your children and their guests will also enjoy our slide! After swimming you may then celebrate your child’s birthday on the pool deck eating cake and ice cream and opening your gifts (to be supplied by you).

NOTE: A parent or guardian must remain in the swimming area (either in the pool or on the deck) for all children ages 5 and under. No Exceptions!

Mega Party

This is the perfect solution for tweens, and teens! Enjoy a full 3 hours of fun with your choice of two different ABK activities. Mega Parties can be customized with other activities. Here’s one example: a full hour of gymnastics, group games, obstacle courses, trampolines and foam pit, followed by one hour in our warm swimming pool with organized games and private use of the pool with our certified lifeguard. Finally, an hour to enjoy friends, food, cake and presents. We can accommodate large groups and we’ll do all the entertaining and clean up for you.

Girls at birthday party

Parties are held on Saturdays starting at 1:00pm.

** All of our parties run 90 minutes in length **

45 minutes of activity and 45 minutes in a party room.

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  • A party agreement must be reviewed and signed by a responsible party.
  • Payments and Birthday Party Agreement are due at the time of booking.
  • Any additional costs including party cost increase due to a total number of participating children must be paid on the day of the party.
  • In the event of a cancellation, a written notice must be received and authorized 14 business days prior to the party date to receive a full refund.
  • Cancellations received less than 14 days are non-refundable.